Asthma Medication Use Reviews is the first project from One Primary Care Croydon (OPCC). Every asthmatic patient should have an annual review. Currently many do not respond to their invitation to an asthma review. CGPC and the Local Pharmaceutical Committee (LPC) have arranged to work collaboratively to improve the uptake of asthma reviews. GPs will use the FP10 to request a Community Pharmacist to undertake an asthma Medication Use Review (MUR). The data from the MUR will be collated onto a template, and the results of this returned to the GP practice, for them to upload for QoF.

The OPCC template fulfils the asthma annual review requirements, it includes the 3 standard RCP questions asthma symptom questions. If the answers to these questions are “no” the asthma is considered well controlled and nothing more is required. If the answer to any of the questions is “yes” the patient will be referred back to you, via your normal MUR agreement.

To trigger an MUR you should write a message to the Community Pharmacist on the left side of the FP10. Suggested terminology:

CP: Asthma MUR as per One Primary Care guidance

This programme launches on 1 April 2017. Each Community Pharmacy can provide 400 MUR per year, on average 34 per month. This service is targeted at patients who do not respond to your invitation for an asthma review or those with adherence issues. You should continue to invite all your asthmatic patients for an asthma review in the practice.

After each MUR you will receive a letter highlighting the outcomes of the MUR referral, together with the completed MUR form with the recommended Action Plan. As part of the MUR, patients will be asked whether they have a Personal Asthma Action Plan. If they do not they will be referred back to the practice.

To evaluate the impact and success of this initiative we ask that you to keep an easily accessible record of all MUR requests, the completed MUR Forms and MUR declined letters. The 8BMF READ code (MUR done by Community Pharmacy) can be used, adding a comment e.g. OPCC Asthma MUR, when scanning the document into the Patient’s medical records. 


Supporting Documentation:

1. Asthma UK Leaflet - Make the most of your pharmacist

2. OPCC Template for Asthma MUR (and supporting information)

3. OPCC Template GP Practice Letter - Asthma

4a. Asthma UK (Adult) Action Plan

4b. Asthma UK (Child) Action Plan

5. Inhaler Technique Assessment Tool

6. Placebo Inhaler Supplier List

7. NHS High Dose ICS Safety Card - Guidance Notes

8. Croydon CCG Respiratory Guidelines - March 2016

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