We are proud to report that a 3 of our practices are participating in the South West London Medical Assistants Pilot!

What's it about?

Medical Assistants are seen as an effective way to redirect administrative tasks away from GPs to help release capacity and better use clinical expertise. The evolving role of the Medical Assistants in GP practices could be a key area that would support Primary Care. They keep patients flowing through the clinic and ensure that providers have the information and tools they need. As one of the first points of contact for patients, they often have a deep knowledge of patients’ personal and medical histories. Most are also adept at using the electronic health record (EHR), and with proper training, they can play major roles in preventive care and health coaching patients.

What are the objectives of the pilot?

  • Learn how to introduce and develop the role of the medical assistant in primary care clarifying the drivers, barriers and challenges.
  • Understand and evaluate the potential impact of the medical assistant role on improving clinician workload and efficiency.
  • To test the competences associated with the Medical Assistant role.