Croydon CEPN has been funded by Health Education England, South London to run a one year pilot programme, to test a new Career Pathway for non-clinically trained staff working in health, social and voluntary care sectors. The term for this role is a Care Navigator.

Care Navigators work in a variety of settings to improve patient and public experience of health and social care. The actual role of the Care Navigator will be determined by the organisation that employs them. They will have direct contact with patients or clients and will work with them to determine their needs and how best they can be supported.

The training programme lasts for 1 year, meeting for a whole day on the second Wednesday of each month. The sessions will address the skills required by a Care Navigator and will also introduce the Care Navigators to a wide range of local services.

It is expected that the organisations will create opportunities for the Care Navigators to share their knowledge and use their new skills back in the workplace. Each participant has been allocated to an external mentor to support them as they develop in their role.

Who is taking part?

There are 15 participants in the pilot. 9 from Croydon GP Practices, 2 from Croydon Care Homes and 4 from Croydon Community Support Services. Each participant is required to have a workplace mentor, to provide opportunities for them to take on new roles in line with the training.

The programme launched on 17/05/17 with a very successful Induction day. Dr Jackie Taverbie, Lead of the CN pilot at Health Education England, joined us for the morning and led an introductory slot. The course concludes in April 2018. On-going evaluation is an integral part of the programme.

Further information is available from the pilot coordinator Alison Lawton on