Programme Directors Drs John Chan, Darshna Pandya and Sabitha Michael

Unless otherwise stated all meetings are scheduled to take place in Seminar Rooms A/B at Croydon Postgraduate Medical Centre (PGMC), Croydon Hospital - 020 8401 3897.  (Subject to change)

All sessions will start at 1.30 pm for all ST3 Trainees.   At 2.00 pm ST1/2 Trainees  will join the group and there will be a formal teaching session until 3.30 pm.  After tea break there will be group work or a Trainee led activity until 4.30 pm.  All Trainees are expected to remain until the session is closed by the Programme Directors.


Date Lecture Topic - 2-3.30pm Group Session Subject - 3.50-4.30pm
07/08/2019 7.45 am Trust induction for all new ST2 & any ST2 for whom this the first CUH post.
21/08/2019  ST1 Induction with the Programme Directors  

 9.30 am - Welcome to your ST3 year with the Programme Directors

 2.00 pm - AKT/eportfolio ST1/ST2 Trainees

 Paediatrics with Dr Nadira Maharaj - topic TBC

 Small Group Work
18/09/2019  PLT - Dermatology Update - Croydon Masonic Hall  PLT - Dermatology Update - Croydon Masonic Hall

 1.30 pm - Consultation Models ST3 only - Undergraduate Centre

2.00 pm - ST1/2 - GP Well being with Dr Alex Meixner  - Room 6 Shirley House

 Consultation Models
02/10/2019  Away Day - Hilton Hotel - Details to follow - Introduction to Coaching and Mentoring  Away Day
09/10/2019  Allison Lawton and Croydon GP Collaborative with One Croydon Alliance Director, Rachel Flagg  Small Group Work
16/10/2019  Respiratory Medicine with Dr Michael Sieren - Topic  Asthma/COPD, Pneumonia, Sleep Apnea  Kathryn Hayward- Topic TBC
30/10/2019  Communicating Risk with Dr Darshna Pandya  Small Group Work
06/11/2019  Diabetes with Dr Kaushal Kansagra  Amanda Perren - Musculoskeletal
13/11/2019  Paediatric ENT with Mr Robert Harris  Small Group Work
20/11/2019   MSK for CSA with Chirag Patel and Sabitha Michael    MSK for CSA with Chirag Patel and Sabitha Michael 
27/11/2019  PLT - Gynaecology Update - Croydon Masonic Halls  PLT - Gynaecology Update

04/12/2019  Digital Healthcare with Imran Mahmud  Small Group work
11/12/2019  Saefgurading Children Level 3 with Dr Shade Alu - 1.30 pm  Safeguarding Children Continued
Christmas and New Year Break
08/01/2020  Neurology with Dr Fred Schon - topic TBC  Small Group work
13/01/2020  6.30 pm CSA evening - ST3 only - Old coulsdon Medical Practice  
15/01/2020  Reflecting Effectively - Dr Sabitha Michael  Charlotte Nedelu - Early Help

 9.30 am CSA Day - ST3 Trainees only - Undergraduate Centre

2.00 pm - ST1/2 Trainees - Cancer Guidelines with Dr Androulla Kolatsis

 CSA Day
29/01/2020  PLT - Ophahalmology & ENT - Croydon Masonic Hall  PLT - Ophthalmology & ENT
05/02/2020  Croydon GP collaborative - Dr Gaj Sividhas  Frances Germain - Topic TBC
12/02/2020  Cognitive Behavioural Therapy with Dr Alex Meixner  Small Group Work
26/02/2020  Haematology - Dr Fathi Al-Jehani  Small Group Work

 Ophthalmology - Ms Pei Lin

 Trainee TBC
11/03/2020  Natalie Wood - Community Safety Team  Lauren Cheers - Topic TBC
18/03/2020  Rheumatology with Dr Rizwan Rajak - Topic: Psoriatic Arthritis and Ankylosing Spondylitis  Small Group Work
 25/03/2020   TBC
22/04/2020  Interprofessional Session - Topic TBC  Lucy Boyles - Topic TBC
29/04/2020   Physical Activity for the Management and Prevention of Disease - Dr Laura Jarvie Physical Activity continued
06/05/2020    Kumaran Prabu = Topic TBC
13/05/2020  No Teaching  no Teaching
20/05/2020  Annual Scheme Visit  Robert-Goldsby-West - Topic TBC

 9.00 am BLS - ST3 Trainees plus ST1/2 Trainees if required

PM Session to be confirmed

 Sharmila Govindaraj - topic TBC

 Away Day


Away Day 




 Small Group Work

 Sports Day

 Sports Day