Programme Directors Drs John Chan and Darshna Pandya.

All meetings are scheduled to take place in Seminar Rooms A/B at Croydon Postgraduate Medical Centre (PGMC), Croydon Hospital - 020 8401 3897.  (Subject to change)

The session will start at 1.30 pm for all ST3 Trainees and ST1/2 Trainees in GP/ITP posts.  At 2.00 pm ST1/2 Trainees in hospital posts will join the group and there will be a formal teaching session until 3.30 pm.  After tea break there will be group work or a Trainee led activity until 4.30 pm.  All Trainees are expected to remain until the session is closed by the Programme Directors.


Date Lecture Topic - 2-3.30pm Group Session Subject - 3.50-4.30pm
1st Aug Trust Induction for all new ST1 and any ST2 for whom this is the first CUH posts - 8.00am
8th Aug ST1 Induction with the Programme Directors - 2.00pm  
5th Sept

ST1 - ePortfolio - 2.00pm

ST2 - AKT - 2.00pm

12th Sept

ST3 - Welcome to your ST3 year with the Programme Directors

ST1/2 - Getting the best out of the VTS - Led by Lucy Boyles, Frances Germain, Lauren Cheers and Annabel Roberts.

19th Sept PLT  PLT
26th Sept

ST3 - Consultation Models

ST1/2  - Haematology with Dr Arne Dekereuk

Timetable Planning
3/4 Oct Cumberland Lodge  
10th Oct Alison Lawton, Croydon GP Collaborative, Topic TBC  Dr Androulla Kolatsis
17th Oct  Paediatrics for GP's with Sabitha Michael Dr  Anna Troyan - ENT
24th Oct  Old age Psychiatry with Dr Viola Fahmy  
31st Oct  Ophthalmology with Ms Pei Lin  Dr Paayal Malde - Menopause
7th Nov Benign Breast Disease/Breast Cancer with Ms Sarah Horn  Dr Matthew Bailey - 10 Minute CBT
14th Nov  MSK with Chirag Patel and Dr Sabitha Michael  MSK with Chirag Patel and Dr Sabitha Michael
21st Nov  GUM with Dr Ian Cormack  Dr Geoffrey Ibe - A brief look at Complementary & Alternative Meicine 

28th Nov PLT  PLT
5th Dec  Personality Disorders with Dr Nigel Pearson  Dr Hannah Harris
Christmas and New Year Break
9th Jan  Urology with Mr Philip Jackson  Dr Katherine Brockett - Cancer Two Week Wait Referral
14th Jan CSA Evening TBC - ST3 only  
16th Jan  Arrhythmia and Heart Failure with Dr Sohaib Nazir  Programme Directors - topic TBC
23rd Jan

CSA Practice ST3 (Full day session)

2.00 pm ST1/2 - Dermatology with Dr Darshna Pandya

 CSA Practice ST3
30th Jan GP PLT GP PLT
6th Feb Alison Lawton, Croydon GP Collaborative - Topic TBC Dr Mari Andersson - Healthcare for homeless patients
13th Feb  Dr Rizwan Rajak - Inflamatory Joint Disease  Dr Rizwan Rajak
20th Feb  No Session  No Session
27th Feb

 Paediatric Development with Dr Ian Johnston - ST3 Trainees and ST1/2s not attending Sim training

Simulation Skills Day - ST1/2 Trainees (Full day training). Prompt start at 10 am at Sim Centre

 Dr Raisha Nurani
6th Mar  Neurology (Topic TBC) with Dr Arani Nitkunan  Timetable Planning
13th Mar  No Session  no Session
20th Mar  Benefits with Kim Gadsby Dr Emma Blake - Dementia and Depression in the Elderly
27th Mar  PLT PLT
24th Apr  Chronic Kidney Disease - Dr Vip DeSilva  
1st May  Inhalers and Techniques - Amy Grant and CRT Team  Dr Sinduja Parabaran - Vertigo
8th May  Palliative Care - Debra Swann  Dr Neel Purmah - A&E, Urgent & Unscheduled Care & GP's
15th May  Alison Lawton, Croydon GP Collaborative - Life Beyond VTS  Dr Raisha Nurani
22nd May

 Dermatology Study Day - ST3 only (Full day Training)

 ST1/2 Trainees - Menopause & HRT - Dr Almas Rehman

 Dermatology Study Day 


29th May

9.30 pm - BLS with AED for ST3 Trainees

 Annual Scheme Visit

Dr Alison Ukrainec 
5th Jun

 1.30-2.00 pm -Dr Sophie Halliday

2.00 pm - Pottery

12th Jun  Dr Maheen Malik - End of Year Quiz NHS Structure/VTS guide to the NHS - John Chan and Matt Bailey
19th Jun  PLT - MSK - Masonic Hall, Croydon PLT - MSK - Masonic Hall, Croydon
26th Jun Sports Afternoon Sports Afternoon