The One Croydon Alliance is a Commissioner and Provider led programme to transform health and social care services to patients and residents in Croydon. The Alliance was formalised in 2017 with the initial 1-year transition period starting April 2017. 

In bringing Commissioners and Providers together in a formal Alliance, there will be significant opportunities for realising synergies and efficiencies through the integrated delivery of improved services and outcomes for the older population.

 Alliance provider partners include:

  1. Age UK Croydon (AUKC)
  2. Croydon Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) &
  3. Croydon Council Adult Social Care Services (ASCS)
  4. Croydon GP Collaborative (CGPC)
  5. South London and Maudsley Mental Health Trust (SLaM)


The case for change in Croydon is strong and ever increasing, with a growing need to improve performance in the delivery of care to patients. This includes addressing a higher rate of admissions, emergency admissions, and emergency readmissions to hospital. Croydon has both a growing and ageing population (increase of 23.8%) and an increasing numbers of patients are living with long-term conditions. Croydon CCG and CHS also face significant financial deficits while Croydon Council is also under pressure to deliver considerable financial challenges.



 ‘Working together to help you live the life you want’

This vision means all areas of the OBC Alliance support the patients of Croydon to be independent and healthy for longer within their own homes; and in cases where outside care is required, the model of care envisions a joined up care community where a person’s well-being is managed holistically, caring for them physically, psychologically and socially.


Our objectives

 Enable people to better manage their own health in the most appropriate setting for them;

  • Engage, empower and build-up community networks so they are responsive, timely and flexible to individual needs;
  • Contribute to reducing health inequalities and improve health and well-being outcomes across the borough;
  • Work more effectively in partnership, providing care and support in and through the community;
  • Deliver a model of care that ensures people are at the centre of their care, enabling them to achieve the outcomes that are important to them;
  • Deliver health and care services in Croydon that are high quality, cost effective, integrated and focused on the achievement of better outcomes for people Croydon; and
  • Deliver optimum value for money